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Macchina Bellum

TeamFortress2 RP


:Railroad rp:: Rae ref by pklcha


:bulletblue:::Apprentice fortress :: Iolo App {Updated} by pklcha :bulletblue:

:bulletred:::Apprentice fortress :: Travis app [updated] by pklcha :bulletred: AF2 - Character playlist Red spy by pklcha :bulletred:

:bulletred: AF2 Red engi Tiana by pklcha :bulletred: AF2 - Character playlist Red engineer by pklcha :bulletred:


Quick question : For a comic, or any story you all guys prefers : 

8 deviants said Waiting for it but receiving sketches, sneak pics, character ref and an update on the progression ?
4 deviants said Waiting for a while but have a regular update on a precise day every week ?
No deviants said Having a non regular post but at least it'll start quicker ?


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OC - ARt feature { 2 slots open ~}

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 29, 2015, 8:55 AM

The first 10 people who will comment this journal will get a feature in: I will choose one of their OC I like the most and 3 deviations from their gallery that I think are amazing!

If you comment, please do the same on your own journal, putting the original journalist or the tagger in the first slot. The idea of that is not to get a free feature but to spread around some art for everyone ! 

1 - :iconmasatsun:

TF2 OC - Tyler the red Scout by MasaTsun

Just cause... Man I don't know! I love this lil' dude ! So young and innocent ! plus he's cute when he blush *shot* More seriously ...I don't know ! HE's first one I've "met" in rp. I just love him xD  (and Cain too of course, but for different reasons)


Need you - ErikXCain by MasaTsun • Sketches by MasaTsun • Rainbow Dash gijinka by MasaTsun

D'yall even SEE this anatomy ?! that's totally thanks to her that I'm only starting to be good at it. The line....multiple  styles...I just LOOOOVE your way to do things! :heart:

2 - :iconsckookum:

Team Smiley by Sckookum


 Who would not pick THIS guy ?! he's awesome, ironic as hell, crazy, funny... Lyssa is the emblem of TheExperiment ! He's just amazing, that's all I have to say.  


Wood Turning Wonder by Sckookum • Sombra's Kingdom by Sckookum • We are not gentelmen by Sckookum



Kahors - Character Sheet by Nala-l-Taiir


I like his colors and I think he's the first on of your lil' guy I ever draw.' a while ago but still


.: What Halloween made of him :. by Nala-l-Taiir • .: The Prince became a King :. by Nala-l-Taiir • The King by Nala-l-Taiir

I've seen your style improve as years passed. And Holly geez you improved ! I'm just absolutely amazed of what you're about to do now compared at what you were doing before (which not mean you weren't goo before) But now...the coloring/shading/fx ! Everything is just absolutely and definitely beautiful.

4- :iconnotchthegreat:

Smoke, Rebellion RP ref by notchthegreat


yep I remember this guy from Rebellion... I was sad I didn't had the time to really rp with him 'cause holy geez he's badass ~


Zhonya Unmasked by notchthegreat •  Misty Mountain: The Games BeginRae took off his helmet and scratched his head with a sigh. “What do y’all reckon happened here?”
The medical bay was in tatters, tools were either missing or strewed about the place, the furniture was little more than kindling at this point, and all of it was drenched in blood- a lot more than could possibly be in a human body. Most of the lights were flickering, throwing deep shadows across the walls and shrouding the room in darkness. A large message looked like it was carved into the wall: “LET THE GAMES BEGIN.”
Marco crossed his arms and shook his head. “I don’t know, I don’t care, and I sure as hell do not want any part of it.”
Claudius glanced around. “Hey, don’t we have a Medic? Anyone check his room?”
Bon walked into the room and shrugged, shaking her head. Tyler laughed. “So lemme get this straight, the medical bay is in tatters, blood is freaking everywhere, and we don’t know where the Medic
•  QUARANTINE: A Tale of ScyllaScylla stirred in her lair.  She listened to the constant dripping noise that echoed through the dark labyrinth she called home.  She lifted her head and stared at her reflection in the pool she rested in.  The face that stared back was almost human.  It had all the proportions of a woman’s face except for its mouth.  The edges of the mouth stretched back to her ears and were lined with needle-like teeth.  Her eyes were vertical slit pupils and her skin was deathly pale.  Her head spoke of once having hair, but only patches of stringy strands of hair remained.  Below her neck, her soft, pale skin hardened into glistening scales.  Her claws dug into the mossy ground as she lifted her torso off of the ground.  Her torso was still obviously feminine and her fingers were tipped with wickedly curved claws.  Below her waist, a thick trunk snaked outward and disappeared into the shadows behind her.
Her head snapped sideways at a sou

the pic because I think it looks creepy and I love creepy stuffs. But most importantly holy pixies on a stick the are an AMAZING writer.  I will never forget the halloween thing you wrote for the MM Halloween event. it was just so gosh dang epic ! keep on going with that for sure fella !

5- :icondefiantcoin64:

Teras Seminary bio: Mindy Mirash by DefiantCoin64

Mindy Mirash

uhm.... I don't really know...,I just think she's hell of cool ^^;


Lapis Lazuli by DefiantCoin64 • Worlds Apart by DefiantCoin64 • 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge Day 20: Satyr/faun by DefiantCoin64

I think you have a nice touch with composition and feelings ~ keep on going !

6- :iconxtheblueowlx: 

but I didn't mean to... by XTheBlueOwlX

Aya do you want me to chooooooose ! That's a real torture xD You know I love your TF2 RuLu characters...graaaah
But in the end, I...picked up this little girl. Aya was really like a fresh breeze during the tournament...and man she's just so cute ! I'de say she was the second mascot of the tournament, but that's my personal point of view


Don't Let Go by XTheBlueOwlX • Ru by XTheBlueOwlX • Let's Eat by XTheBlueOwlX

Do I really need to say anything ?...Really...

7- :iconlunar-imagination:

Paris New App Upokeia by Lunar-Imagination


'cause...I love psycho characters... i could have picked one of your TF babies...'cause geez I love them all ... but hey ! let's change a little ! I don't know Paris is kind of a paradox. And I like that ^^


AF2 Halloween Entry: GET OVER HERE by Lunar-Imagination • !!!WARNING: BRIGHT COLOURS!!!  Light Up The Night by Lunar-Imagination  • KF Just for Fun: Corrupted Elder : Ashe by Lunar-Imagination

I think you're art is both cute and making feel things... I don't know how to explain. Plus I think you're making progress ! which is of course awesome ~ keep on going ;p

8 - :iconbeachpie:

Sparkling by Beachpie


Don't ask me why... I this character...


The Forest by Beachpie • Books, Boats and Birds by Beachpie • Just Desserts by Beachpie

again...any comment needed ?...

original journal by ColonelCheru
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