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::Misty Mountain rp :: Achievement badge say hi by pklcha
As for the others : precisions are required. 

- color : Gold, Silver or Bronze ? 
-Shape : circle, square, rectangle, triangle ? other ? 

Then describe with precision the picture you want in it. 
TtA - Group of friend by pklcha
The chicks guild hymn by pklcha
Chibi attack by pklcha
The Divide OCT - Chibi (Big file) by pklcha
as always : I'll need a ref of your character. 

A group wil be 40 pts
a single one will be 20 (sorry, can't really do something else with this add ^^; )
written stories and translations
I will need a basic steps organization for the writing part. 

If you want a particular event, if this will be at the beginning or in the middle of the story. 
Also send me resume of the entire context of the story. I can do basically anything, even if I have few difficulties with big warming romance... 

For more details on my writing skills,  I'd recommend to have a look to my other account LesConteurs where you can find more than here. 

For translations : I can speak French, English, Italian and I also have basics in spanish. 
Of course the best translations I can do are from french to english and english from french but I can still do with the two other languages. 

::TF2:: sentry girls by pklcha
mlp adopt pack3  1 left by pklcha
Feline adopt ::OPEN:: by pklcha
Horse adopt 1 ::open:: by pklcha
CDL new design - royal family by pklcha
Terra study - uniformes messagers by pklcha
I can design everything from human to animals.
I can also make outfits or weapons. But I'll need a really clear description of what you want. 

Also, I'm at school too so I4ll try do do as fast I can. Please be gentle ^^; 

oh alnd last point : I usually do my design at traditionnal but if you prefer something in digit just tell me ^^
OC personalized 'card'
DTA - Imam Nirjivaki by pklcha
Character ref - Katsum Orasan by pklcha
Character ref - Meiro Flores by pklcha
Character ref - Chimbley Smoke by pklcha
WoH - BoO : Judge the Scarecrow by pklcha
WoH-BoO - Judges Ozma the young queen by pklcha
Those type of 'card' can be both in digit or traditional. Be sure to precise which one you'd prefer to have. 

what you will need to give me : 

-A good ref of your character 
-His backstory, special ability, personnality (any details that make im or her unique not only looking)

You can also be even more precise and choose the shape of the background and/or the background you'de like. 
Don't worry I won't bite ^^

The wait for those should not be very long
Comic page (s) A4 format
comic page test 2 - save me by pklcha
::Misty Mountain rp :: Mission 1 - Mission Begin by pklcha
Comic page test - Destiny by pklcha
Rrp - Mission 1 p.0 by pklcha
Each page will cost 20 points. For example, if you want a comic commission with 2 pages, You'll have to click twice on the button ect... 

• I'm mostly doing digital comics but I can also do some traditional pages. You'll just have to tell me what you would prefer. 
Also tell me if you prefer color or Black/white/grey. 

• Describe me precisely the story line you have in mind. If you have a precise idea of how to cut the scene. 
Or also if you want some special sceneries or what not. 

• Finally : of course send me proper references of the character (s). 
comic page long format
It's time for the dream to fade away by pklcha
Lsdw Oct Audition P  By Teamdreamer-d7a00ek by pklcha
Lsdw Oct Audition P 2 By Teamdreamer-d7a00ek by pklcha
• I'm mostly doing digital comics but I can also do some traditional pages. You'll just have to tell me what you would prefer. 
Also tell me if you prefer color or Black/white/grey. 

• Describe me precisely the story line you have in mind. If you have a precise idea of how to cut the scene. 
Or also if you want some special sceneries or what not. 

• Finally : of course send me proper references of the character (s). 
Comic/Novel Cover
SLG - Divide et Impera by pklcha
Nomade cover by pklcha
rdm cover ::Mad World:: by pklcha
The void alone smiling by pklcha
le voyage vers l'est by pklcha
Great Guns Fanfic Cover By Lesconteurs-d7l8zln by pklcha
I'll need a lot of info for those : 
First : the title and a quick description of the story line. 
Two : of course, characters clear ref
Three what type of scenery do you want. Just a presentation of the characters, battle scene ect...

Then in what style you'de prefer. Colors/Greys, more digit or traditionnal and looking more like the style on the two first or the last one example I propose. 

I'll try more than one things as sketch and I'll send you those test before starting the final version of it. 

Those are a little higher price but it will be harder and longer to do too. 
quote pictures
Just add more gun by pklcha
for those I'll need : 

- A proper refearence
- The quote you want to add
- If you have some specific desired for the posture, the background shape and the colors
music theme
The Divide OST - Will i get my wish/ Moniq s theme by pklcha
The Divide OST -Isn't what i had in mind by pklcha
The divide OST -That's doesn't matter anymore by pklcha
The chicks guild hymn by pklcha
(check the descriptions in the pictures for the link)

or you can also click here ->

What I'll need : 

-the style 
-the ambiance
-If it's a character theme : a reference and a bio of him or her 
-You can also guide me with the title you would like for your song. 

Those, unfortunately, might take a while to make. 





the dream
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Quand on créer, on vit deux fois
Albert Camus

The important thing is not how the world sees you. But it's how you want the world to sees you.

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Butterfly Totem Stamp by VampsStock

Which My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Inuyasha Character are You?
Which Inuyasha Character are You?
Hosted By Anime

Thanks :iconnotchthegreat: But well those are fun to do so ...

..::The Rules::..


Choose one of your own characters (OC).


Make them answer the following questions.


Then tag three people.


Feel free to add some questions of your own.

Interviewee:  Rae olga, my good old red engi guy~

What gender are you?

What is your age?
43 and still hitting the road

Do you want a hug?'d better go ask someone else fella

 Do you have any bad habits?
Tend to get angry easily when I can't do something by myself. Or when people other than me do things dangerously stupid, even if they knows it is. 

What is your favourite food?
Good old fresh killed meat with a beer

 What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
 uhn...not a big fan of those. We have enough ice where I'm from. 

Are you a virgin?
Haha past 40 years ? That would be a shame !

Have you killed anyone?
Well that's pretty much mah job. 

 Do you hate anyone?
Nha. I ain't the type to write down any bad actions to throw them back in the face. 

Do you have any secrets?
...ain't gonna answer that, sorry. 

Who is your best friend(s)?
This stupid A-hole Glenn Fry. Would never 'ave made it without him. I had another very close friend but he...didn't last very long.

What are your hobbies?
Have a nice drink with some fellas, constructing little machineries and time to time, making few things exploding. Oh and hunting too. 

What is your favourite drink?
Imma stick with a good beer. 

When is your birthday?
Sorry, that's kinda private.

Are you nice or mean?
Guess I'm mostly a sort of nice guy. There are enough douchebags in the world. 

Are you social or shy?
Nha, not shyness for me. I can tame any coldfront for sure. I think there's no real place for solitary wolf in our job.

What do you think of your parents?
Ma's a lil too worried but Pop was ok. 

What's your weakness?
*cracks his fingerbones* wanna try to find one ?

What do you do on a regular day basis?
I had a pretty boring routine at home. But since I'm a mercenary again ... uhn..Well I've got a pretty boring routine again...close to a battlefield. 
...Wonder if it's not even worst than at home...

Do you love someone? How about romantically?
Married for 5 years son. Neile isn't really searching for roses and such but eh it can happen time to time.

What's your favourite band?
The White Buffalo is a good band. I ain't a big fan of music and such but those are really nice.

 Ever worn a dress?
Heck no ! If I did, the entire town would still be laughing at me !
I was stupid before but there are few limits

Hahahaha, No. 

What do you consider fun during the day?
Getting lost in some wood and do some hunting with friends. 

At night?
Basically : sleeping. Ya 'ave no idea of what my days are...'were' like. 

Ever kissed anyone?
Only one. Don't even wanna think about what would happen if I did with someone else though...especially in her back.

 What's your favourite thing to touch?
Wood. All those details with no one but nature to draw them it's kinda fascinating

Does anyone love you?
Well she ain't threw me outta door so I think does.

What's your favourite colour(s)?

When was the last time you cried?
I'd...I'm...uhm No. I don't cry.

Do you have any pets? 
I have one. Mostly like partner than a pet. A dog, named Dell, some dude obliged me to have him 24h next to me. 
He's ain't that bad once you get to know him.

Are you crazy?
Don't think so.

What are you?
A good old boy born and Raised in the North.

What's your nickname?
I've heard two chicks calling me "uncle"... Heh not a big deal

Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?
Ain't had or have any reason to feel blue.

If you were a superhero, you'd be...?
Don't know. This batguy is pretty cool.

What is your current occupation?
Mercenary. Engineer for Red co to be precise. 

Who do you know that bugs you?
I can adapt to anyone so heh.

Have you 'done it' in the past month?
 I ain't gonna answer that. Private business.

Ever think about getting married?
you come a little late for this question son. 

Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?
Not sure we can really call that a 'sleepover' but Neile and me went on "hunting period" more than once. 

Do you have any piercings anywhere? 
Nope. My Ma would have kill me if I had made one. And I'm a lil too old to 'prove myself' this way I think. 

Final question. Who do you tag?

:iconmasaxyuki: (je veux voir Tyle r:B)

:iconlunar-imagination: (I'de like to see Kris do that~ )

:iconaspi-galou: (pas sure que tu va le faire mais bon, avec l'un de nos nouveau lascars, ce serait fun ~pweaaase ?)

  • Listening to: saving me - nickelback

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Rather tempted to ask for a Comic/Novel Cover commission and if I can request it and dsfbdskfbd if I can comm u <3
pklcha Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
aww go for it ^^I won't bite~
Blazethecat321 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Would it be possible to ask for a page or two of a small little comic ;w;?

Of my Oc, Felicity McCrae and my friend's Oc, Fariha.

I was wondering if you can possibly draw them together-
Fariha comforting Felicity.
Trying to tell her she's not a monster.

At the beginning it can be Felicity sitting down beside a dead body, She's a Ghoul and Ghoul's need human flesh to survive, so she'd be sitting beside one, her kagune out as she is holding her head crying. ;w;

Then Fariha comes and sits down with her, hugging her for comfort.

Smiling only at Felicity to comfort her and telling her 'You're not a monster' with Felicity responding she is and sdfbsdfbsd ;w;

Kind of a feely thing <3
pklcha Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
oh I didn't get that you were talking about actual comic pages ! 
But you gave me an idea for a new commission ~

Well that's a pretty good description and I'm pretty sure I can do this without much problem. 
Could you copy/past all this description with the commiss button ? 

And also sending me ref for the characters ? :meow:
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CelineDGD Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014 me demandais si tu voudrais participer au projet "You're Beautiful" ? ;w;

The ''You're Beautiful'' Project by CelineDGD (infos dans la description.)
pklcha Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Student General Artist
j'avais prévue de le faire ;p j'ai juste eut des trucs à poster en priorité~
mais comme j'ai vue qu'il y avait pas mal de monde que je connais qui le faisait je me suis dit que j'allais joindre ^^
CelineDGD Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
Ah je vois. x)
Yay. :D
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