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TF2 fic - PROUD

:: TF2 comic:: Proud cover by pklcha :: Proud:: cast (2 cameos needed :) ) by pklcha

Apprentice Fortress rp


:bulletblue: :: Apprentice fortress 2:: Blu Pyro-Isaac William by pklcha :bulletblue: ::Apprentice fortress :: Shia Stride App (updated) by pklcha :bulletblue:

:bulletred: ::Apprentice fortress :: Travis app [updated] by pklcha :bulletred: ::Apprentice Fortress 2:: Valery Prieur App by pklcha :bulletred: :bulletred:::Apprentice Fortress :: Tiana Olga app {updated} by pklcha :bulletred: ::Apprentice Fortress 2:: Caleb Bordeaux by pklcha :bulletred:

::AF2:: Tiana's relation chart by pklcha:: AF2 :: Travis' Relation chart by pklcha:: Valery's relation chart by pklcha
:: AF2:: Shia's relation chart by pklcha::AF2:: Isaac's relationchart by pklcha:: AF2:: Caleb's Relation chart by pklcha

::AF2 playlist :: For with everything you are by pklcha::AF2 playlist:: - Be Nimble, Be quick by pklcha::AF2-playlist:: And my soul from out that shadow by pklcha


Should I open a patreon ? (this idea have been in my head for awhile so..yeah what do you guys think ? :)

8 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said Show a real project first
1 deviant said No


::ADOPTABLES:: Dragons {2 left} by pklcha
Horse adopt 1 ::open:: by pklcha
If you're buying an adoptable, please, pay here ~:)
Chibi comission
::TF2:: Cosplay contest team chibi by pklcha
The Divide OCT - Chibi (Big file) by pklcha
A chibi version of your character/ game loadout with simple 'cartoon' shading :)
OST picture
Request - Jaxon Playlist by pklcha
::AF2 playlist:: - Be Nimble, Be quick by pklcha
::AF2 playlist :: For with everything you are by pklcha
A picture like an cd picture for your oc's playlist.

You can both just give me a ref of your character or give me a very precise description
OC personalized 'card'
DTA - Imam Nirjivaki by pklcha
Character ref - Meiro Flores by pklcha
Character ref - Chimbley Smoke by pklcha
WoH - BoO : Judge the Scarecrow by pklcha
WoH-BoO - Judges Ozma the young queen by pklcha
::AF2:: fighter of the moon by pklcha
Those type of 'card' can be both in digit or traditional. Be sure to precise which one you'd prefer to have. 

what you will need to give me : 

-A good ref of your character 
-His backstory, special ability, personnality (any details that make im or her unique not only looking)

You can also be even more precise and choose the shape of the background and/or the background you'de like. 
Don't worry I won't bite ^^

The wait for those should not be very long
complex card
Oct contestant - Reflect and Copper by pklcha

Clear ref of your character required once again :) plus, if you want, her personnality, back story, or what you want in the bg card behind the front posture :)
::Sub Umbra:: thumbnail by pklcha :: TF2 comic:: Proud Thumbail by pklcha

Will require clear ref of the character and also a description of the set you would want/ resume of the story :)


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Alright heads up : no page of Proud tomorrow. 
Due to a sudden charge of work, I will have to take a hiatus for the 2 coming weeks. 
I've hoped I would have been able to do as usual much work...graah
sorry for the late warning.
ok fellas. Time to use that thing I guess ? heh
anyways, my scanner's down and I bought another one but I still need to buy some sheeze to make it work 
So I might be a lil in hiatus for some time.

Japan expo : For the right of free convention

Journal Entry: Sun May 22, 2016, 12:32 AM



Bien tout le monde. Je me suis permise de lancer quelque chose. 
Certes, pour certains, ça peux sembler comme un caprice d'un gamin ou autre... 
D'autres conventions on continuées d'avoir lieu. Aucune n'a jamais été aussi punitive. La Japan expo est la Pax Française. 
On ne peux pas laisser la Terreur nous en fermer les portes. 

Non, je ne dit pas que le plan de sécurité actuel est comparable. Je dit justement qu'il ne faut pas qu'il le devienne. 
Notre sécurité est une chose. Mais est ce qu'au nom de la sécurité, on peux empêcher des gens de faire leur travail ? Photographes, artisans, artistes, crafteurs, cosplayeurs.... Nous sommes tous du même coté de la porte. Si ils ne nous permettent même pas de la passer, alors est ce que la J.E en vaut encore la peine ? 
J'ai, pour ma part, passé des heures géniales, probablement les meilleures de ma vie à cette convention. Je ne veux pas la voir disparaître alors que d'autres conventions parviennent à faire la même chose sans nous restreindre. 

La J.E à lieu en été. nous avons besoin d'eau. À ceux qui disent que l'eau est gratuite, je ne connais sur le site que 2 plans d'eau accessible gratuitement. Et ils ne sont pas si facile d'accès. Encore moins quand on est en train de tomber dans les pommes. 
Pour ceux et celles (que je respectent bien sûr) qui disent qu'il préfère des règles trop sévères plutôt qu'un 'coup de kalash', je réponds qu'une trépieds de photographe n'est pas une arme. Sauf si un abruti s'en sert comme d'un marteau. 
Certaines règles sont bonnes, comprises et acceptées par nous tous depuis le début de l'état d'urgence. Mais restreindre ce qui est pour beaucoup une curiosité, un apport de joie, pour certains autres, un moyen de vivre et pour nous tous une passion... moi je dit une seule chose. 


Yes, I'm transposing the situation because we need as much as possible :D

So, you guys from all over the world. We, in France, have our biggest convention in summer. It's called the 'Japan Expo'. 
But with the event happening right now, the organisation/ prefecture decided to make a list of prohibited things. 


Those prohibited things are : Water bottle, canteens, thermos, bags of over 22l and even camera stands.

No cosplayer, or almost no cosplayer can get passed those so called control. Also, this convention is happening in summer and we were doing kind of ok before but it was only thanks to our tall water bottles and thermos.
I'm thinking about cosplayers but also about civils. And Kids. Who will go there. And NEED to drink during summer. 

Also, for those who say 'yeah but you guys are in a dangerous situation right now', I answer Yes. Yes we are. BUT there have been dozens of conventions during the year, I've made most of them. There was controls and check up. NONE ever punished us and closed the door. Not even the second biggest conventions. 

We, francophones, wait and prepare this convention for a full year. None of my TF2 group can go in the convention. Even people from Belgium.
They also refuse cosplays of Zootopia, I've seen it this morning. That's how far this thing goes.

A shit tone of people will not be able to work there. Photograph, moviemakers, cosplayers obviously... People who use conventions to try expending their name (like I do)... We are all punished in the name of 'security'. Again, it's not fight against the rules. Some are good and everybody understands them, like the airsoft replicas and all that, but BOTTLES ?... 

Copslaying and the Japex itself is a moment we all wait. 
Plus with, as I said, all of what is happening right now in here, conventions ae basically the only way we have to take a break. But we need to fight for this as the situation is becoming worse and worse. 

So, if you all wants to participate in some French mini 'riot', go sign the petition on top of this thingand make it pass :D 

original journal by ColonelCheru
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